not your ordinary



If you’re looking for the Beverly Hills housewife of fruit, you’re in the wrong place.

November through April is when our citrus is at its peak.

Fruit breathe too, which is why we avoid coatings that block the fruit’s airways.

Our archaic citrus processing involves dry brushing citrus with horsetail bristles.

There isn’t an extravagant citrus experience quite like a bite from Buck Brand.

We’ve got 40 varieties, some you’ve never even heard of, and we’re still expanding.

Legend has it a young Buck wandered out of the towering Sequoia trees, and over the rolling rocky hills. Upon his discovery was a small piece of land to the south, in a city called Porterville. He surveyed the soil and determined it was fit for growing citrus. The Buck fell in love with a lost doe and the two planted citrus from all over the world on their small plot of land. Some of this is based on a true story, except for what’s not.

Buck Brand sells unparalleled organic citrus from California. Seemingly normal from the outside, citrus lovers are sure to be pleasantly surprised by the unique flavors within.



Buck Brand is the exotic citrus farm with fruit ya never heard of. We’ve got hidden gems. We’ve got the simon-pure. We’ve got it all.

Red Globe Pummelo
Navel Orange
Buddha Hands
Star Ruby Grapefruit


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